The Ka Pai Cup

The organising committee have all worked long and hard to make the Champions Trophy Case Competition 2017 an unforgettable experience. We have planned a range of exciting social activities for participants and advisors. These social events will give competitors the opportunity to explore what Auckland has to offer and get to know each other before the case days begin. The key social event is the Ka Pai Cup, however there will be plenty of dinners and nights out on the town throughout the competition.

What is the Ka Pai Cup?

The Ka Pai Cup, which began in 2012, recognises and rewards the team that displays the most enthusiasm and positive spirit throughout the week. Ka Pai is the Maori word for “good”, but it means much more, it is commonly used in the context of appreciation and happy occurrences, it acknowledges the coveted “go-n-get-‘em” attitude. It has become so ubiquitous that it is now part of our Kiwi culture. During the week, teams can earn “Ka Pai Points” for good deeds, a positive spirit and successes in social activities. The daily results will be announced and the team with the most points by the end of Saturday will be awarded the Ka Pai Cup at the final dinner. We hope the recognition of good cheer spreads the spirit of Ka Pai throughout your experience in New Zealand.

Past Winners


2018: University of Melbourne

2017: University of Alberta

2016: National University of Singapore

2015: University of Maastricht

2014: Queensland University of Technology

2013: University of Copenhagen

2012: Penn State University