How to Qualify

Qualification Process

Champions Trophy hosts twelve participants. The qualification period for the competition is January 1st to December 31st, each calendar year.

Invitations to participate are extended as follows:

1. The host university
2. The winners of the ten qualifying competitions
3. The highest ranked team that did not win a qualifying competition (see competition results page)
4. In the event that one team wins more than one qualifying event, unallocated invitations will be extended to the next ranked team on the list

Selection of qualifying competitions for Champions Trophy

To be considered as a qualifying competitions for Champions Trophy, a competition must fulfil the qualifying criteria:

1. Undergraduate
2. General strategy (not discipline specific)
3. International (at least half of its teams from international universities)

All identified international competitions are monitored, and results are recorded on the Champions Trophy website competition results page.

Each year, in October, a survey is sent out to universities that participate in case competitions. This email contains a list of all undergraduate, international, and general strategy competitions. Each university is asked to identify their 10 preferences for qualifying competitions the following year.

The votes from all universities are collated and the competitions with the most votes are confirmed as the qualifying competitions for the following year’s competition.